GM Bank is advising you to be aware of Internet Scams during this Covid-19 Pandemic


  • DON’T LET YOURSELF FEEL PRESSURED INTO CLICKING A LINK IN AN EMAIL. Most importantly, don’t act on the advice you didn’t ask for and weren’t expecting.
  • DON’T BE TAKEN IN BY THE SENDER’S NAME. Cyber threats say it comes from trusted sources like “World Health Organization”.
  • LOOK OUT FOR SPELLING AND GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. Not all crooks make mistakes, but MANY do. Take the extra time to review messages.
  • CHECK THE URL BEFORE YOU TYPE IT IN OR CLICK A LINK. Stay clear. Do your own research and make your choice about where to look.
  • NEVER ENTER DATA THAT A WEBSITE SHOULDN’T BE ASKING FOR. There is no reason for a health awareness web page to ask for your email address and password. If in doubt, don’t give it out.
  • IF YOU JUST REVEALED YOUR PASSWORD TO IMPOSTERS, CHANGE IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Crooks who run phishing sites typically try out stolen passwords immediately, the sooner you react, the more likely you will beat them to it.
  • NEVER USE THE SAME PASSWORD ON MORE THAN ONE SITE. Once crooks have a password, they will usually try it on every website where you might have an account.
  • REPORT any COVID-19 suspicious, phishing and spear-phishing emails, Covid-19 themed malicious websites to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

  • Image source: bankinfosecurity.com
    A Message from the GM Bank Family

    Your safety is important to us. While it is our mission to serve the countryside and open as many branches as possible, there will be situations where we need to temporarily close branches to protect the health of our staff and customers, and in compliance with LGU lockdown restrictions.

    We will strive to reopen them as soon as possible.

    Branch Operations – We have shortened our banking hours until 1PM only and shall be open to cater your deposits and withdrawals. Loan payments are also welcome, but should you pay later, there will be waiving of fees and charges.

    ATMS – Our units are available in select branches for your immediate cash needs.

    Head Office Functions – Our employees are still reporting to support the branch operations. While we are maintaining skeletal force, we are doing our best to swiftly fulfill all the processes without compromising their health.

    Business Continuity - We have oriented everyone about the plans and some of us are working from different sites already to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our Senior Management is continuously reviewing the plans and adjusting to be of good service to our clients.

    Maraming salamat sa inyong patuloy na pagtitiwala.

    GM Bank will continue being your Good Money Bank.

    Mission and Vision
    Member: PDIC. Maximum deposit insurance for each depositor P500,000
    For concerns, please go to your branch of account or call our customer hotline at (044) 940-6165 or (0998) 847-4608 and with email address at customerconcerns@gmbank.com.ph.
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